$UL — Unilever Stock Analysis:

Company Overview:

$UL — Unilever Inc. is a global, diversified technology company that operates in the following businesses: Safety/Industrial, Transportation/Electronics, Health Care, and Consumer. Unilever develops their products in -house, and thus has an unusually high product development, and research and development costs.

Unilever operates in 3 main business segments…

$SUM — Summit Materials Inc. Stock Analysis:

$SUM — Summit Materials Co. is one of the fastest growing construction material companies in the USA. Summit is a single-source provider of construction materials across 21 states in the USA and in British Columbia (Canada). Summit provides aggregates, ready-mix concrete mix, and asphalt mix.

Summit has been…

Company Overview:

Immix Biopharma is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that has a focus on tissue-specific therapeutics in oncology and inflammation in the USA and in Australia.

Immix is currently developing IMX-110 (which was in clinical trials until it was accepted today (January 3 rd2022)) for treatment of soft-tissue sarcoma and…


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