Analysts are Wrong about the VTRS Stock. Here’s Why

My VTRS Stock Forecast for 2023 is $10.08

  1. VTRS Financial Growth Metrics
  2. VTRS Comparable Companies Analysis

VTRS Stock Price Target Using PE and EPS

VTRS Stock Forecast Via a Comparable Company Analysis

VTRS’s Main Stock Competition

Comparable Analysis for a VTRS Stock Forecast

  1. Price to Book (P/B): VTRS’s P/B ratio is 0.57, compared to the P/B ratio of VTRS’s peers being 1.09. This assumes that VTRS is undervalued and their share price should increase by 91.23% in order to be at fair value (based on VTRS’s P/B compared to the P/B of their peers).
  2. Price to Earnings (P/E): VTRS’s P/E ratio is currently 69.36 (which is quite high), compared to the average P/E of VTRS’s peers being 16.29. This implies that VTRS is overvalued and their share price should change by a factor of -76.51% to be at fair value (based on VTRS’s P/E compared to the P/E of their peers).

Are the VTRS Analyst Ratings in Agreeance With Our Conclusion?



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