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This report will cover information about CFVI price, price target, and other information about their stock, information about the size and quality of the CFVI Reddit community, and information about the size and quality of the CFVI Stocktwits forum.

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CFVI Social Media Overview:

CFVI Reddit:

The r/CFVI subreddit is a stock discussion on Reddit that talks about CFVI stock, price, and diligence.

  • The CFVI Reddit page has 335 members: The CFVI Reddit is a very small subreddit. The CFVI Reddit community posts an average of around 16 posts per day. This does not allow for constant streams of new information and content and can leave their community wanting more. However, given the size of their subreddit, 16 daily posts are actually quite good. I would like to see significantly more posts in this subreddit, as you will run out of content quickly, however it is more than understandable why the post volume is so low.
  • As of writing this, r/CFVI has 28 active users: For a subreddit of CFVI’s size, 28 active users are not great. Given that their subreddit only consists of 335 members, 28 active users (at the time of writing this) is actually very good.

Overall, the CFVI community is a small, however they kind of make up for it in their posting volume (although it may be hard to find new content. Due to this fact, I would rate the CFVI subreddit a 7/10.

CFVI Stocktwits:

There is a CFVI Stock Forum on Stocktwits, where the members can post messages about CFVI.

  • The CFVI stock forum has 7.5K members: Once again the CFVI community on StockTwits is very small. However, according to Utradea’s Social Sentiment Scanner, the average daily posts in the CFVI StockTwits is 2,650. Considering their size, this level of posting is very high, which is similar to the situation with the CFVI Reddit Community. Furthermore, there are enough messages to keep the content fresh (although the quality of the CFVI posts may not be the best).
  • Daily message volume is 2,650: The CFVI Stocktwits community is extremely active when considering the overall size of the CFVI Stocktwits forum and their post volume. This ticker is just getting started as they are in the earlier stages of their SPAC merger, and I expect this community to grow very quickly, so keep an eye out for that.

Overall, the CFVI Stocktwits community is small, but they can be incredibly active. I find the CFVI Stocktwits forum to be a bit better than the CFVI Reddit community. This has led me to rating the CFVI Stocktwits chat an 8/10.

CFVI Twitter:

The following data is taken from the Utradea Social Sentiment Dashboard, as there is no CFVI forum on Twitter (just individual posts).

  • CFVI has 4,407 posts on Twitter in the past 24 hours: CFVI is a largely discussed ticker on Twitter due to their post volume (over the past 24 hours) being 4.4k, which seeds them as the 5thmost talked about ticker on Twitter during this period. Surprisingly, these posts have garnered a total of 14.1M impressions, which is very impressive. Overall, there are more than enough daily messages on Twitter to keep the CFVI community engaged, and satisfied.
  • Big accounts/activity: Over the past 24 hours, there were a total of 51 large accounts that posted on Twitter about CFVI. Each of these accounts has a following of 100k+, which brings a lot of eyes to their stock. Furthermore, there were some individual tweets that garnered a large amount of impressions, some examples include this (281k impressions), this (191k impressions), and this (165k impressions).

Overall, the CFVI mentions/community on Twitter is very active. Furthermore, there are large accounts that posts about CFVI, which can draw new eyes to the stock. I find the posts on Twitter about CFVI to have more news about the stock, which is good. This has led me to rating the CFVI Twitter an 9/10.

Summary of CFVI Stock and Community:

The CFVI subreddit is quite inactive, and they infrequently post. However, the CFVI Stocktwits community is far more active, and the CFVI Twitter community is active and has higher quality posts. Overall, I would rate the CFVI online community an 8/10.

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The social platform for investment ideas and insights. Check out for the latest investment content.

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