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A look into $DWAC — Digital World Acquisition Crop’s stock, the DWAC Reddit community, the DWAC Stocktwits Forum, and DWAC on Twitter. DWAC Social Media Overview:

This report will cover information about DWAC price, information about their stock, information about the size and quality of the DWAC Reddit community, and information about the size and quality of the DWAC Stocktwits forum. For a full run down of information on the DWAC stock click here.

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DWAC Reddit:

The r/DWAC subreddit is a stock discussion on Reddit that talks about DWAC stock, price, and diligence.

  • The DWAC Reddit page has 5.1k members: The DWAC Reddit is a small to medium sized subreddit. The DWAC Reddit community posts an average of around 13 posts per day. This does not allow for constant streams of new information and content and can leave their community wanting more. I would like to see significantly more posts in this subreddit, as you will run out of content quickly.
  • As of writing this, r/DWAC has 36 active users: For a subreddit of DWAC’s size, 36 active users are not great. This low level of active users can help us to see why the post volume in this subreddit tends to be low.

Overall, the DWAC community is somewhere between small and medium, however their low posting volume does not allow for a consistent stream of new content for the community/readers. Due to this fact, I would rate the DWAC subreddit a 6/10.

DWAC Stocktwits:

There is a DWAC Stock Forum on Stocktwits, where the members can post messages about DWAC.

  • The DWAC stock forum has 56K members: The DWAC community on StockTwits is a medium sized community. However, the average daily posts in the DWAC StockTwits are 18.2k. Overall, the DWAC Stocktwits community is of good size and is very active, which allows for enough new messages to keep the content fresh. Additionally, during the end of October, the DWAC Stocktwits community was very active, reaching a peak of 150k daily posting volume.
  • Daily message volume is 18.2k: The DWAC Stocktwits community is extremely active when considering the overall size of the DWAC Stocktwits forum and their post volume. This ticker is just getting started as they are in the earlier stages of their SPAC merger, and I expect this community to continue to grow, so keep an eye out for that. Furthermore, as the hype builds as we approach the actual merger, I expect the posting volume to spike again, and the hype around this ticker to build.

Overall, the DWAC Stocktwits community is a good size, and they tend to be quite active. I find the DWAC Stocktwits forum to be far better than the DWAC Reddit community. This has led me to rating the DWAC Stocktwits chat an 8/10.

DWAC Twitter:

The following data is taken from the Utradea Social Sentiment Dashboard, as there is no DWAC forum on Twitter (just individual posts).

  • DWAC has 861 posts on Twitter in the past 24 hours: DWAC is a largely discussed ticker on Twitter due to their post volume (over the past 24 hours) being 861, which seeds them as the 9thmost talked about ticker on Twitter during this period. Surprisingly, these posts have garnered a total of 3.7M impressions, which is very impressive. Overall, there are more than enough daily messages on Twitter to keep the DWAC community engaged and satisfied.
  • Big accounts/activity: Over the past 24 hours, there were a total of 10 large accounts and 1 really large account that posted on Twitter about DWAC. Each of these accounts has a following of 100k+, and 500k+ which brings a lot of eyes to their stock. Furthermore, there were some individual tweets that garnered a large amount of impressions, some examples include this (525k impressions), this (77k impressions), and this (36k impressions).

Overall, the DWAC mentions/community on Twitter is very active. Furthermore, there are large accounts that posts about DWAC, which can draw new eyes to the stock. I find the posts on Twitter about DWAC to have more news about the stock, which is good. This has led me to rating the DWAC Twitter a 9/10.

Summary of DWAC Stock and Community:

The DWAC subreddit is quite inactive, and they infrequently post. However, where their Twitter community lacks, the DWAC Stocktwits community and the DWAC Twitter community make up for it with their higher activity and posting volumes. Overall, I would rate the DWAC online community a 7.66/10.

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