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LMT Stocktwits:

To find some general information about LMT, I decided to take a look at the messages posted in the LMT Stocktwits to see what the retail investors see in the LMT stock.

LMT Stock Overview:

The defense sector has done very well recently with the escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but LMT has remained relatively flat (which is good compared to the broad market).

LMT Stock Financial Position:

LMT has been around for a very long time and is a very stable company. As a result, I am expecting to see low growth in their revenues and other financial figures. This has been the case over the past 3 years as they have increased their revenues by 7.6%/year, gross profit by 6.7%/year, operating income by 7.1%/year, net incomes by 8%/year, and Free Cash Flows by 9.9%/year (all figures are a yearly average growth).

Overall Thoughts on LMT Stock:

Overall, I think the best way to profit off of LMT Stock is to be bullish in the short to medium-term. This is de to the increased attention, the nature of their business, and their stable yet growing financials.



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