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This report will cover information about NAKD news, information about their stock, and information about the size and quality of the NAKD Reddit, Twitter, and StockTwits communities.

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NAKD Recent News:

NAKD is reportedly in talks with Cenntro, who is an EV company. Unlike many of the other EV companies that are listed on public markets, Cenntro is already past their start-up stage, and has started to produce their own EV’s.

This deal is a “hail mary” for NAKD in the sense that they need to bump their stock price above $1/share in order to stay in compliance with NASDAQ and avoid being delisted. This merger essentially represents NAKD’s last chance effort to reach this “compliance threshold” and stay listed on the NASDAQ. This is important to note as the management team for NAKD should have this in mind when they structure and make this deal happen (which is expected to close before December 31 st2021). This is big news for their stock and could be lucrative for investors who get in at current prices of $0.50/share. However, if they are not able to meet the $1 threshold, it is very likely that their stock will tank due to the uncertainty and risk associated with being listed on the OTC markets.

NAKD Social Media Overview:

NAKD Reddit:

The NAKD community on Reddit has now vanished from Reddit, however, when you visit the old NAKD subreddit, they direct you to r/CENN. So, this analysis will focus on this subreddit (for their merger with Cenntro, hence CENN).

  • The CENN community consists of 1,300 members: The CENN subreddit is rather small, due to the disbandment of their preceding community r/NAKDstock. However, in less than a month they have reached 1.3k members which is respectable. Furthermore, they seem to be quite active with 60 members online, which helps make up for their smaller size.
  • There are currently 60 active users: Considering their subreddit is new, and is still small, 60 active users is quite good. Furthermore, they average about 11 posts per day. This level of posting is low and does not allow for much new/fresh content to be consumed by their community and leaves many people wanting more. However, as time passes and their community grows, I think the level of posting will pick up quickly.

The CENN Reddit community is new and hence they are small, however they are somewhat active when considering their size. Overall, I think this is a new community that has a lot of room to grow, and currently there is not too much bad that I have to say about them. This has led me to rating the CENN Reddit community a 7/10

NAKD Stocktwits:

There is a NAKD Stock Forum on Stocktwits, where the members can post messages about NAKD.

  • The NAKD stock forum has 114k members: NAKD is a large stock discussion on Stocktwits. Furthermore, there are approximately 9,000+ average daily posts. Considering their size, this level of posting is rather small, however there are more than enough messages to keep the content fresh and new. Like many of the other discussions on Stocktwits, the quality of the NAKD posts is typically low.
  • Daily message volume is 9,000: The NAKD Stocktwits community is not very active when considering the overall size of the NAKD Stocktwits forum and their post volume. Historically, their posting volume have varied between 5,000–20,000 messages per day, and they have seemed to be trending upwards over the past week or so.

The NAKD Stocktwits community is very large, however their relative posting volume is low but sufficient. Overall, I think this community can get very active when there is hype around their stock, which should be the case later this month as they close on the merger. This has led me to rating the NAKD Stocktwits chat an 8/10.

NAKD Twitter:

The following data is taken from the Utradea Social Sentiment Dashboard, as there is no NAKD forum on Twitter (just individual posts).

  • NAKD has 1,662 posts on Twitter in the past 24 hours: NAKD is a pretty highly discussed ticker on Twitter. Surprisingly, these posts have garnered a total of 2.3M impressions, which is very impressive. Overall, there are enough daily posts on Twitter mentioning NAKD that investors will have a continuous feed of new/relevant information.
  • Big accounts/activity: Over the past 24 hours, there were a total of 0 large accounts (100k+ followers), and 0 very large accounts (500k+ followers) that posted on Twitter about NAKD. However, there were 79 sizable accounts (10k+ followers) that posted about NAKD. These 79 accounts have driven a lot of the traffic to NAKD posts, and they are starting to develop an audience/community around NAKD, which is fantastic news for their stock. Furthermore, there were some individual tweets that garnered a large amount of impressions, some examples include this (49k impressions), this (40k impressions), and this (35k impressions).

Overall, the NAKD mentions/community on Twitter is quite large, however, the community is very large and active for being such a new stock/community (ranks #11 on Twitter over the past 24 hours, and #13 over the past 72 hours). Furthermore, there are numerous sizable accounts that posts about NAKD, which can draw new eyes to the stock. I find the posts on Twitter about NAKD to have more news about the stock, which is good. This has led me to rating the NAKD Twitter a 9/10.

Summary of NAKD Stock and Community:

The NAKD subreddit has disbanded and has “re-branded” into r/CENN, and there are challenges/cons that have come with this. However, the NAKD Stocktwits community is quite active, and the NAKD Twitter community is very active and has high quality posts. This helps to make up for the lack of a community on Reddit. Overall, I would rate the NAKD online community an 8/10.

NAKD Price Prediction:

I am in agreeance with Utradea user “WallStreetWhale”’s price prediction of $1/share. Furthermore, I believe that their report was well-written, and I would encourage you to read up on it if you are at all interested in NAKD’s stock. The analysis can be found here.

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The social platform for investment ideas and insights. Check out for the latest investment content.

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