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Recent SEC Filings:

  • Nio delivered 8,083 vehicles in June, which is a 116% increase YoY
  • Nio delivered 21,896 vehicles in Q2, which is a 112% increase YoY
  • Culminative deliveries (between their ES8, ES6, and EC6 models) totalled 117,597
  • On July 12th, 2021, Nio announced their appointment of Ms. Yu Long as an independent director.
  • Long is the founding/managing partner of BAI Capital and has an outstanding track record of investing into technology and internet companies.
  • Long was also governor of China VC and Private Equity Association Ltd., CEO of Bertelsmann China Corporate Center, and managing partner of Bertelsmann Asia Investments.
  • Furthermore, Ms. Long is a board member of $TPR — Tapestry Inc. and $LX — LexinFintech Holdings Inc.
  • Nio delivered 7,931 vehicles in July, which is a 124% increase YoY, however it is a net decrease month-over-month.
  • Culminative sales increased to 125,528 vehicles.
  • Vehicle sales totalled $1.225B (USD in Q2 2021, which represents a 127% increase YoY, and a 6.8% increase QoQ
  • Their vehicle margin was 20.3% (compared to 9.7% Q2 2021) and their gross margin was 18.6% (compared to 8.4% in Q2 2020).
  • Gross profit was $1.3B (USD) in Q2 2021, which represents a 402% increase YoY, and a 1.2% increase QoQ.
  • Net loss was $90.9M (USD), which is a decrease of 50% YoY, and a 30% decrease QoQ. This decrease in net losses shows that Nio is trending in the right path and may be able to report a net gain in the next couple of earnings reports.
  • Nio delivered 5,880 vehicles in August, which represents a 48% increase YoY, however, once again their deliveries are decreasing month-over-month. However, they noted supply chain issues as a major contributor to this decrease, which makes sense.
  • Culminative deliveries totalled 131,408.
  • Nio delivered 10,628 vehicles in September, which represents an increase of 125% YoY, and an 80% increase QoQ. This is Nio’s highest monthly delivery figure ever.
  • Nio delivered 24,439 vehicles in Q3 2021, representing an increase of 100% YoY, and an increase of 11% QoQ. This is also a record high number of quarterly deliveries for Nio
  • Culminative deliveries totalled 142,036.

Recent News:

Investment Summary:




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The social platform for investment ideas and insights. Check out utradea.com for the latest investment content.

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