Social Sentiment Stock Analysis: 3 Stocks that are Gaining Momentum

4 min readDec 1, 2021

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Social Sentiment trends can move the needle when it comes to trading and investing. I want to put this into proactive by tracking social trends in tickers to see if I can “catch” a stock before it takes off. (note: here is a link to research about social media and stock returns)

I am sourcing my data from Utradea’s Social Sentiment Scanner (which can be found here) for all of my social sentiment data. Today I will be highlighting 3 tickers that are picking up momentum, and exhibit potential to explode.


Utradea’s Social Sentiment Dashboard tracks social sentiment on Reddit, Twitter, and on StockTwits. Furthermore, you can get information on trending tickers over the past 24 hours or 72 hours, which can help to find tickers that are taking off. Furthermore, you can sort the tickers in terms of their changes in posting volume, likes received, or impressions. These features also help me to spot tickers that exhibit potential to explode.

3 Momentum Stocks:

*Charts with Social Data can be found here*

I will run through my thought process on why I think that these 5 tickers will experience increased momentum and potentially exhibit massive gains in the coming weeks.


Below you can see amount of posts, likes, and impressions that $NUZE received on Twitter over a 24 hour and 72-hour period. Furthermore, we can see the % increase in these metrics, comparing them to the previous day, or 3 days respectively.

As you can see, NuZee experienced most of their momentum in social sentiment over the past 24 hours alone. Furthermore, their social metrics (posts, likes, and impressions) experienced significantly higher daily growth than they experienced 3-day growth. This increase in social metrics over the 24 hours indicate that NuZee is just starting to pick up social traction, which may cause it to experience significant gains in the shorter term.


As you can see, $NUZE is also experiencing a lot of growth in social sentiment over the past 3 days, and especially over the past day. The fact that the social trend for $NUZE is consistent and rapidly growing should be good for the stock as there are currently a lot of eyes on their stock.

Furthermore, NUZE is experiencing a large amount of their post volume even after the market closed today, which may indicate that they will continue their run tomorrow. This is due to the fact that the “hype” is still picking up and is in its early stages.


Recently, there has been a large increase in the posting volume of Regeneron. This can be seen through the large number of pasts, likes, and impressions over the past day compared to the respective amounts of these metrics over the past 3 days. The extent of this increase in social sentiment can best be observed through the one-day growth rates, which are very high. This leads me to believe that Regeneron is picking up social traction and could explode soon.


The same thing applies when looking at the social metrics and comparing the 1-day metrics to the 3-day metrics. Once again, this can be visualized through the massive 1-day growth rates in these metrics. The fact that these growth rates are common between both Twitter and StockTwits indicates that this social momentum is not limited to a specific platform, but rather the whole market.


The only social media site that $DAC had sufficient information (and increase in social sentiment) was Twitter. This is why it is #3 on the list. As you can see, Danaos had large increases in posts, likes, and impressions over the span of 24 hours. Furthermore, the majority of the posts, likes, and impressions all came over the course of the past 24 hours, indicating that it is picking up social traction. This is my least confident play, however, it will be interesting to see how this one plays out compared to the other picks.


I have made an account (linked here) which tracks each of these plays, giving you real-time updates on how these are doing, and/or if they have panned out.

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