Take a SHOT at Archer’s SPAC ($ACIC) | Utradea

Company Overview:

Investment Information:

  • Archer has released projected financial statements that are very reasonable. They are estimating their 2026 revenue to be 0.15% of the TAM in that year.
  • They are projecting high EBITDA margins (24–37%)
  • Projected to break even in Q4 2025 and be highly profitable after this occurs.
  • Projecting a free cash flow in 2030 (terminal year) to be $2.775B
  • In their valuation year (2026) Archer estimates an EV/Revenue multiple of 1.2x and an EV/EBITDA multiple of 4.2x, both of which are significantly below comparable companies.

Investment Plan and Valuation:


  • SPAC’s are more volatile and typically more risky than traditional IPO’s.
  • SPAC shares are more prone to dilution, especially when there are large amounts of warrants and investor options.
  • If the merger falls through
  • If the merger falls through, $ACIC will find another company to merge with, one that might not have the same future growth potential as Archer.
  • If $ACIC does not find a company to merger with 2 years after their blank check IPO, then Atlas Crest has to liquidate and repay the investors. There is a big risk of losing money if the share price of $ACIC was over $10, however it being below $10 limits risk.



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