What effect do “Whale Accounts” have on DKNG Social Sent…

DKNG Stocktwits Sentiment Carried by Impressions

  • 189 Posts (down -34.38% day over day)
  • 260 Likes (down -55.71% day over day)
  • 631.98k Impressions (up 15.67% day over day)

DKNG Twitter Sentiment Reduction Across the Board

  • 333 Tweets (down -28.54% day over day)
  • 2,087 Likes (down -58.63% day over day)
  • 3.73M Impressions (down -19.67% day over day)

What Impact do Big Accounts have on DKNG’s Social Sentiment?

  • 46 somewhat large Twitter accounts 10,000+ followers,
  • 5 large Twitter accounts with 100k+ followers
  • 1 very large accounts with 500k+ followers

Final Thoughts: DKNG Forums and Discussion Boards



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